Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mount Royal

Hey all! Sorry I've been MIA. Just so much stuff going on!

Today I've got a beautiful blue creme for you ladies. This is American Apparel in Mount Royal: 


I'd describe this as a dusty navy. It's really pretty - AA does a really good job with these opaque cremes. This is two coats to smooth everything out, but you could probably get away with one thick coat if you were careful enough. Application is pretty good; sometimes I find that AA polishes thicken up as you're using them - weird, but I guess they start drying on the brush as you go. I didn't find it too much of an issue, but if you do, a drop or two of thinner should take care of the problem.


These were both taken inside in artificial light. You'll find that the color is a little lighter in natural light; unfortunately the weather has been so bad here the last couple days I didn't get a chance to shoot outside :( If by chance I catch a ray of sunshine I will update.

Have any of you ladies used a polish from American Apparel? What's your favorite shade?

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  1. Hey we have the same name! lol. This is a suuuuper pretty color!ur nails are pretty! I haven't used any by American Apparel--but I did use one that looks like that, but it's by Avon. ^.^

  2. Really! Our moms must clearly are both awesome haha...I love this color too - I love that it's dark for the coming fall but not too dark that it looks black. You should try AA colors! They're great and not expensive, you can get 3 for $15 in store or off their site!

  3. Love American Apparel Colors!! Please keep the great posts coming:-) I'm a fellow nail fanatic and always happy to meet others who share the same passion. Check out my channel when you get a chance (www.youtube.com/LovelysInstinct).


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