Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Thursday!

Hey all! Happy Thursday! 

Isn't it so nice to have something to look forward to at the end of a work day? Today I've got two things after work that give me the strength to make it to 5:00pm without throwing myself off the top of our 10 story building. First, a hair cut and color! Yay! I don't know about you guys, but getting my hair done makes me soo relaxed and happy (as long as they're not effing it up!!).

THEN, dear readers, is something that I've been looking forward too since the end of last year...duh duh duh...the new season of Big Brother!!! I freakin' love that show so much! The lies! The deceit! The scheming! What a great way to fill up 3 nights of normally boring summer TV.

Anyway, back to important stuff. I tried to shoot my step by step photo instructions for water-marbling last night but I was having big issues.We've been having a crazy heat wave here in Jersey the last few days (over 100 degrees!), so I'm blaming the AC we had going at full blast for my polishes drying so quickly on the water. After an hour of frustration I decided to call it a day and just soldier on with a normal mani of one of my yet-to-be-worn polishes.

This deliciousness is Color Club's High Society. I am absolutely in LOVE with the taupe/mushroom/neutral trend that 's going on right now. This is reminiscent of one of my favorite colors, OPI's You Don't Know Jacques, but much lighter and much more appropriate for summer (and for work, unlike my last few manis...voopsies?). Also, it's got sort of a purple undertone that I think makes it really unique. One of the marbles I attempted last night was actually those two together along with a browny-green shimmer (forget which I was using). I'm definitely going to have to give it another try.

Formula and brush on this was standard. It's a little sheer, not quite a creme - this is two coats over Seche base and it almost looks jelly, so I'd go for that third coat if you want it truly opaque. It's pretty shiny on it's own, but I always top with a coat of Seche Vite because I love the glass-like finish you get.This is my first Color Club polish and I quite like it, it's definitely a brand I'll be visiting again.

On a related note, I gave myself a treat yesterday and ordered Nfu Oh cuticle Remover and Nfu Oh 52 from

I'm especially excited for the cuticle remover. I've been trying reallyy really hard not to cut any cuticles as I've heard it's not good for your nails, and plus it never looks as good as when they do it in the salon. I've just been pushing them back but they still don't look great :( I'm hoping this will take away the need for any snippers! Also really looking forward to 52, a flaky that i've seen on a billion blogs and looks just GORGEOUS. Stay tuned for swatches of 52 over various colors, and a cuticle before and after.

Thanks for reading :)

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