Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Icing purchases

These are two polishes I snagged at the "The Icing" over at the Garden State Plaza. Apparently, The Icing is the "big girl" version of Claire's, which caters to younger girls. I was informed of this differential by the teenaged cashier, who seemed quite offended when I held up a bedazzled flask, laughing, and joked that it was kind of inappropriate for a young girls store...chill out chica!


Anyway. On the right we have a matte top coat! At first I really wasn't feeling the matte trend. The neons I have, like Essie Bermuda Shorts, dry matte and I hated the way they look. But as I've seen other bloggers use matte top coat over different polishes, especially sparkles and shimmers, it's kinda grown on me. I love the idea of the top coat rather than a matte polish itself, as you can make any color you want matte! I'll have to try it out soon!

On the left is a pretty light green shimmer that flashes pink and purple, called Peacock. It looks pretty sheer so we'll have to see how it looks on the nail.

I don't own any China Glaze's yet, but isn't this bottle shape similar? I thought the racks of polish I saw from outside were China Glaze, which is why I went running in! Good thing I still found these two that peaked my interest :)

On an unrelated note...I need to feel the love guys! If you're reading this, consider giving me a follow! I've just my one follower and I'm not feeling the love :( Let me know if you're out there! Thanks for reading :)

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