Monday, July 5, 2010

Inaugural Marble Monday!

Hey everyone! This is the my first official "Marble Monday" post. I first saw this technique on Sarah and Jason's blog CrystalPolish, and I've been obsessed ever since! 

This was my second ever attempt at a marble, using Essie Midnight Cami, a deep, deep shimmery blue (which, by the way, is perfection in a bottle - but that's for another day), and OPI Go on Green, a sheer, irridescent blue-green. MC is also on the rest of my nails in these photos. 

The next day I decided to take the plunge and do my whole mani marbled. It's surprisingly not as BAM, OUT THERE as I thought it would be, it's actually sort of subtle. I used the same colors, Midnight Cami and Go on Green, but oddly enough they came out a lot lighter than the first time. Not really sure why? The colors seems like they were spreading more in the water this time, but I couldn't give you a reason for that. I guess as I do these more and more I'll get the hang of the quirks. Both mani's have Seche base and top coat.

A lot of people have asked my how I did this, and I know it's hard to explain with just words. One of these Monday's I'll post picture step-by-step instructions, or maybe even a video! (eek!)

Until next time :)


  1. that looks AWESOME!

    how did you do that???

  2. Thanks Marisa!

    This is my method:

    First, tape up the fingers you plan to marble. This is really helpful with eliminating mess as you will be dipping your fingers in a puddle of nail polish. Put tape all around the nail on the cuticle line, staying as close to the edge as possible, leaving the surface of your nail free of tape.

    Fill a cup with room tempurature water (important!! Otherwise the polish dries too quickly). Then alternate putting a drop of different color polishes on the water surface. They'll spread out in rings in the water.

    Use a toothpick or anything pointy to swirl the colors together, then dip your finger, nail first into the cup.

    **DONT REMOVE YOUR FINGER YET! Use your toothpick to pick up the remaining polish in the water as you don't want it it get on your nail and ruin your design.

    When that's done, remove your finger, wait a minute or two and remove the tape. Use a Q-tip with remover to do any cleanup, then throw on a coat or two of your favorite top coat.

    I know this all sounds cryptic and vague, so take a look on youtube for some helpful videos. I plan to do a step-by-step tutorial one of these Monday's, so stay tuned!

    Thanks for reading :)


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