Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Special Delivery!

My order from Fabulousstreet.com arrived, after only four days!

Here's my goodies: Nfu-Oh 52, which is green/blue iridescent flaky in a light purple jelly base, and Nfu-Oh Cuticle Remover.

The cuticle remover is what I was most excited about, as mine get really dry and usually look even worse when I try trimming or simply pushing them back.


Like I said, you can see above that the cuticles are really dry, stuck to the nail, and you can see spots on my pointer and pinky where picking at them as has cause little cuts and irritation.

I followed the instructions of some fellow bloggers and got to work with the Nfu-oh. I pushed back my cuticles a metal pusher I have (really not the best tool, but I was too impatient to go out and get an orange stick or wooden cuticle pusher) then applied two liberal coats of the remover. I did both hands at the same time but I think the next time I do this I will work on one at a time, so the remover doesn't dry by the time I get to the second hand. I then used the cuticle pusher and rubbed it over the cuticles and on the surface of my nails where I noticed my cuticles were sticking.

Here's after. I think most noticeable thing in my case is that my cuticles look much neater and moisturized, but most off all, there is no more cuticle stuck on the surface of my nail. I think this is a product that will be more and more effective as you use it with your regular manicure routine. I certainly plan to use it on a regular basis to keep my cuticles in check rather than wait til they're out of control. I'm also going to get the proper tools, because I feel an orange stick would be more effective and much more gentle than the metal pusher I was using. Also, I sort of wish it came with instructions.

Now, anyone know of a product the help with the horrendous nail peeling I have going on??

Stay tuned for swatches of Nfu-Oh 52!

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