Thursday, July 1, 2010

To New Beginnings

Welcome fellow nail polish fiends! I decided to start this blog after coming across so many others run by women such as myself (and yourselves) who are obsessed with polish! After moving home from college and unpacking countless boxes, paired with a thorough dig through my room and a fight with the sister (don't ask how that resulted in me acquiring MORE polish, but it did), I realized that I have a freakish amout of nail polish! What better way to showcase them (and what better excuse to buy more?)! So let's get into it!

I know that looking down at my hands and seeing a pretty color makes me smile, so I'm going to start with an old hard-to-find favorite of mine.

This is OPI's Loyal Island Lilac. This polish is from the 1997 South Seas collection, and it's a gorgeous soft shimmer gray with teeny tiny silver sparklies and just a hint of lilac when the light hits it a certain way. My bottle is more than half empty so application was a little thick, but still good. This is two coats of a pretty sheer polish, so it's not totally opaque, but for a color like this that works for me. 

Funny enough, I had no idea JUST how hard to find this polish was til recently! To be totally honest, I don't even know where I got it. Did I buy it? Did I swipe it from my sister, mom, or a friend? Did I dream this polish into existence?? I've no clue, but I do know it's been a fave for years. I was doing some Googling recently in search of a new bottle, and imagine my complete anguish when I found out it was from 1997 and discontinued!! I'm going to have to stalk eBay and probably spend a pretty penny to get another one :(

Hopefully my pics will get better soon as I'm out a camera right now and working off Blackberry pictures. Bear with me! Thanks for reading :)

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