Thursday, October 14, 2010


Listen guys. I need to be locked up. I've been shopping NON STOP. Online shopping, in-store shopping, window shopping (the most harmless of the bunch); any kind of shopping that you want. Yesterday I went to Forever 21 ONLY TO EXCHANGE a dress...and I ended up taking home and additional dress and 2 pairs of jeans.


I popped into American Apparel on my way out to see if they had any new colors...they didn't, but that doesn't mean I could resist their 3-for-$15 deal on nail polishes. This is one of the babies I picked up, a smooth creamy berry color appropriately named - you guessed it - Berry.


American Apparel really does a great job with these cremes - they're so saturated with color and completely opaque with one coat. I do two out of habit but you could easily get away with one if you're careful.


No cons here at all. The polish was easy to apply and went on like a dream, and clean up wasn't bad at all for a red - they usually stain my cuticles like woah.


The color lightens up in the sun, as you can see in the first two shots, but inside or in the shade it'll look more like my Dunkin' Donuts coffee pic - darker but still beauteous :)

What's your favorite American Apparel shade? Berry is gorgeous for fall/winter, but for summer my very favorite is L'Espirit, a crisp lavender-periwinkle. Can't believe I haven't swatched it yet! It's on my list :)

Also, welcome xnosugaraddedx!


  1. i agree. i have LA Colors Berry and it did stain my cuticles upon removal! ughhhh :D

  2. Pretty color! And I love L'Esprit,too. I don't have any American Apparel polishes yet, too bad they have only one store in the whole country here! And haha, I shop too much, too! Especially nail polish. My mom just forbid me to buy any more laquers this whole year! :(

  3. Hahaha aww :( maybe she'll surprised you and get you some nice ones for Christmas (slash hannukah,slash other holidays :)

    You should send her american apparel's link as a hint hint lol


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