Thursday, October 21, 2010


Since acquiring the much sought after Nars Zulu, I've been on the hunt for another polish that would satisfy my green jelly craving. I love Zulu, but it borders so much on black that I wanted to find a jelly where the green is much more apparent.

This isn't a jelly, but the shade of green is divine. Hunter is the last American Apparel polish in my mini haul from a few weeks ago.


Just like it's fellows, the formula is a dream and beautifully opaque in 2 coats.


Is it possible to franken a jelly? Do you just add clear polish to a cream?? Has anyone done this??? I think I'm going to buy another Hunter and a cheap clear to try this out...


  1. What a pretty chic color! I never tried frankening, because I'm always afraid I'll screw it up somehow, and ruin my nailpolishes! I'd love to do it someday, though.

  2. I didn't even know american apparel had nail varnish. Love color and finish.

  3. OMG! the way you've paint your nails is perfect!!!! how can u do that?
    and it's perfect!


  4. thanks! I use a makeup brush to clean up the edges, works like a charm!


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