Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Eggplant Frost

Well hello there! Sorry for being MIA, but I'm back with a gorgeous new color to make it up to you :)

Say hello to Wet 'n Wild Wild Shine in Eggplant Frost.


I am in freakin LURVE with this color. At first I was a little angry at it - You need to do relatively thick coats with this or it streaks and lumps in a major way. After making a mess of my thumb and redoing it, I got the hang of it and the rest of application was fine. I used three coats fir depth.
I was using and old bottle of nail polish remover for cleaning up, and couldn't for the LIFE of me understand why it was nearly impossible to  get the polish off my cuticles and edges. Had I inadvertently bought some sort of super polish that could only be removed with pure acid or something?? Then I realized that the remover I was using must be older than I thought and all the active ingredient must have evaporated. Sure enough, I got another bottle and all was well. Phew!

But besides that debacle, this polish is totally fine. I bough it because it looked cool, and it wasn't til I put it on that I realized just how ridiculously awesome and beautiful and SHINY it is! It's hard to describe the sort of electric glow it gets from having this aqua blue shimmer/metallic over the deep purple. It's reminiscent of Elf Royal Purple but about 10x the awesomeness.

Do you love?!
Welcome Lois S., Andrea Trenary, and to my biff Erin of Frame of Reference!


  1. wow looks awesome on ur nails!!! <3
    I was recently gifted this gorgeous bottle, cant wait to try it! plus I LOVE TO EAT EGGPLANT! lol.

  2. HAHAHA me too!! its so delicious!!

  3. Do you have a how-to or tutorial on how you make the shape of your nails?
    I like your shape.

  4. Thank you! I dont, not yet, but I'll definitely try to do that for you guys in a future post :)


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