Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jungle Red

Ok, I lied. I may have said that OPI Keys to my Karma was my favorite red. I take it back! I have a new favorite red!

This is my last Nars mini, Jungle Red.


Not surprisingly, it's another red jelly. I dunno what it is about the jellies! Jelly polishes have become my absolute favorite. Something about the squishiness, the clean lines, and the shiny goodness melts my heart.

As I'd expect from any Nars polish, application is a dream. This is 3 smooth and easy coats, and they dry to a super shiny finish. I always add Seche for it's superfast drying power, but if you had the patience to leave it on it's own, topcoat is really not necessary for shine factor.

Another thing I really love about this? It's a chameleon! The shot above was outside in semi-decent light (it's been raining all week, yuck), and the shot below is inside: 


So different, but still gorgeous!


For this, I'd shell out the $16 for the full bottle. And with this mini, having already been used for a mani AND pedi, I'm going to have to.

Welcome to the lovely gals of New York Lady! Check them out!

What's the one polish you plan to or already have shelled out big bucks for??


  1. hey hey

    thanks for the shout-out! :D

  2. hi!
    I like your nail polishes! but this nars red polish is perfect color! i really like it.
    I was wondering if you can tell me how do you do it to clean your cuticles after you pain your nails, they look so perfect! i try to do mines but they are not so good like yours haha ... I am a bit new reading your blog so may be you already mentioned it in a past blog. Thanks in advance and keep posting, it helps us!
    have a nice day!

  3. @Danitza Agreed, it's the perfect red!

    I use an old angled brush (one I used to use for gel eyeliner) dipped in nail polish remover to clean the edges of my polish. The skinny brush makes perfectly smooth lines and is much, much easier to control than trying to use a Q-tip!

    Hopes this helps! Follow me for more tips, tricks and reviews :)


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