Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Halley's Comet

I was so excited to get my butt over to Ulta the other day and snatch up a few of my favorites from Orly's Cosmic FX collection. Would you believe that when I got there, there were only THREE CFX's left?? And I don't mean three different colors left, I mean literally only three bottles! And of course, neither Space Cadet or Galaxy Girl, which I was really lemming for, were there. But, they were 2-for-1 so clearly, like any polish fanatic, I snatched up the remaining colors anyway. Two I kept for myself, and one went along with the two China Glazes as a birthday present for my lucky friend.

Here's Halley's Comet.


Wow. I've seen plenty of swatches of this as well as it's sister OPI Catch Me in Your Net, but until I got it on the nail I didn't fully get it. I do now. There's just so much depth and shimmer and glitter to this, it's hard to keep your eyes off it. These pics are in sunlight which make it really shiny and bright, but unlike other shimmers and glitters, the "wow" factor doesn't diminish from these when you're inside or in low lighting. The color just gets deeper and richer and continues to glimmer like mad. Even one of my 50-something male coworkers told me yesterday he loved my nails! Lol!


Application was a breeze, three quick coats topped by Seche, and it dried in great time. Although I'm not hugely partial to Orly's rubber handle, I do appreciate why people like the bottle so much. At a hefty .6 oz, which is a bit more than a normal polish (OPIs are .5 for example), it feels substantial and you're definitely getting your money's worth. Especially if you get them 3 for $20 at Ulta like I did!

Here's a closeup of the glass-flecky shimmer.


Do you have a favorite from Orly's Cosmic FX Collection?

Big welcome to Kristine! Stay tuned for swatches of my other FX purchase :)


  1. I'd LOVE to get Lunar Eclipse and Galaxy girl- when I bought the colors for my last giveaway I almost bought those for myself- but being the broke girl I am, I didn't. I should have! This post is great!

  2. Agreed, Galaxy girl is a must! Everytime I see swatches of this collection I love them all more andd more. One day they will all be mineee!

  3. wonderful, beautiful, expetacular, divine, ...

  4. I randomnly came across your blog... I picked up Space Cadet and Galaxy Girl. My Ulta barely had any left too... little secret for you: CVS has them, and LOTS of them. I went in and the display was untouched... they were also $6.99! lol

  5. @LOUCAS thanks!

    @Cydonian no freakin way! I'm gonna need to hit up the nearest CVS then...no one can blame me for getting the odd nail polish when I'm doing responsible things like buying shampoo...right? :P


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