Friday, September 17, 2010

Midnight Affair

Today's mani is grandma in my collection, the beautiful but beat up Revlon Midnight Affair (791). Man, this bottle looks like it's been through hell and back!

In direct sunlight.

Nothing wrong with the color though! Not sure how this polish came to me but I'm going to assume it was my sister's. This is a beautiful dark navy shimmer that's definitely quenching my dark and vampy polish urges. While watching the Big Brother finale on Wednesday, I kept seeing Kathy's dark tips and knew I had to make a switch from my recent reds. 

Indoors, this polish is dark enough that it could be mistaken for black from far away, but up close you can still see the blue shimmer. Outside or in bright lights though, the blue definitely jumps out more and is just gorgeous.

With flash.

Application was easy, just two coats for bottle opacity, but I would let each coat dry in between or you may risk getting a bald spot or two. The only thing I don't like so much about this polish is that it doesn't have much of a shine to it by itself. A thick coat of Seche Vite was necessary, and I'll probably apply another when I'm home later today.

I'm wondering how close Midnight Affair is to my beloved Essie Midnight Cami. Similar names and colors, I'm thinking they're dupes. We'll see! 

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